Thu. May 26th, 2022



Mars is presently in Capricorn. This is one of the leading three positions for Mars, which is commended in Capricorn. 


During this travel, we will simply improve at accomplishing our objectives. Our center will become great as we will get on top of that spot of calm certainty inside.  capricorn zodiac sign


We will improve our point of view by defining clear objectives in light of our qualities, knowing WHY we do what we do. Mars entered Capricorn soon after Pluto turned direct (Pluto is likewise in Capricorn!), making this travel much more intense and extraordinary. Very much like the mountain goat, the image of Capricorn, we will continue to push one foot after another until we arrive at the top. 


Those of you with natal Mars in Capricorn will encounter the Mars return, which implies another part of your life will begin. This is an amazing chance to design your future exercises. The House Position of Mars in the Mars return diagram, determined for when Mars gets back to its natal position, will demonstrate what aspect of your life will be featured in the following two years. 


For us all, Mars will get an increase in energy the House traveled by Mars.




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